Multifunctional Musical Activity Cube Play Center with Lights

With Wolvolk’s Musical Activity Cube, there is so much for the kids to learn and enjoy. Full of interesting activities and functions, the cube play center consists of 15 different activities. Embedded with different objects that require different skills, the cube play center promises endless fun!

Multifunctional Musical Activity Cube Play Center

The musical activity cube allows the little ones to make their own music. It consists of a built-in microphone that lets the little ones make some noise. There are pre-existing tunes as well that can be played by rotating the gears, pressing the musical note, pressing the star button, or by ringing the doorbell. All these buttons play different melodious sounds. Other than musical tunes, the cube play center offers other activities like driving, talking, using tools, etc.

To keep the kids enthralled, the musical toy has stunning features. It features a steering wheel that offers real sounds and driving skills. There is a detachable cell phone that can be used to make pretentious calls and learn numbers. The built-in microphone can be used for singing their favorite songs. Hitting the drum results in amusing sounds with flashing lights and when the microphone is turned on, a glowing animal with a mic in hand appears in the mirror.

The sweetest of all is ringing the bell that wakes up the little sleeping child with melodious songs. On ringing the bell the second time, the little child eating breakfast appears, and the third time when the doorbell rings, the “Happy Birthday” song plays. Also, the kids will have fun sliding beads on two tracks while learning colors and numbers. Kids can also play the stretching game by pulling out the banana and the apple. The musical activity Cube Play Center promotes creativity and learning in a really fun way. It makes children improve their eye-hand coordination and enhances their fine motor skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills all at once!

Get Attractive Toddler Truck For Your Kid’s Playful Childhood

Garbage Truck Toy by WolVolk engages your child’s exercises as well as causes them to learn new and fascinating things. Your child can’t avoid the alluring and enticing plan of the truck, in this manner drawing in him to play with it the entire day. Alongside charming fun-loving exercises, it causes him to learn life lessons with an upgrade in his motor abilities. The green shading Toddler Truck offers an easy and smooth body structure absolutely conforming to the sensitive hands of the child.

Get Attractive Toddler Truck For Your Kids

Accompanying different highlights, the Garbage Toddler Truck fills in as an extraordinary present for your friends and family. It joins lovely lights and sound making your child capture all his emphasis on the toy. Likewise, there is a useful catch that lifts the rear of the truck giving a reasonable encounter to your child. Pushing the truck will give constant friction to the truck and help in moving to start with one area then onto the next, making sounds, blazing lights, and along these lines, offering an awesome playing experience. Appropriate for both girls and boys the truck keeps them enraptured for quite a long time. The truck has elastic wheels that run easily on level floors.

The item by WolVolk offers 100% protected and non-toxic development material. Made of top-notch plastic material, this toy will add to the rundown of the most loved toys of your child. This Toddler Truck offers extraordinary toughness and is hostile to gagging properties, thus offering a safe perky environment. With a press button based on one side, your child can store every one of his treats in the capacity of the truck and afterward dump it by squeezing the catch.

WolVolk will in general convey 100% fulfillment and assurance to its clients with a trade for as long as 1 year. You can completely confide in the brand and cause your children to make the most of their youth without limit!

Military SUV Car: An Engaging, Educational Fighter Car Toy

Fighter Car Toys fascinate the kids more than anything. Educate, engage, and entertain your kids with Wolvolk’s Offroad Military Car. From melodic, musical toys, to play vehicles and infant dolls, WolVolk produces an assortment of one-of-a-kind toys for kids of all age groups. The friction-powered offroad Military SUV Car is an ideal toy car for kids. It is entertaining as well as educational. Designed for the little hands of the kids, this car helps in developing kids’ motor skills. This fighter car toy triggers kids’ curiosity and through imaginative play, it enhances kids’ mental abilities as well.

Military SUV Car

The WolVolk Offroad Military Car travels long distances and climbs over obstacles along the path, without stopping. It is the most popular and sought-after toy car among kids for a reason! Kids love recreating action scenes with their fighter car toy and enjoy watching it roll and drive over obstacles by itself. The push-and-go car has brilliant features. Two of its doors can be opened, it has front flashing lights, and it also features four different kinds of sound effects.

Two of its door can be opened, it has front flashing lights, and it has four different kinds of sound effects. There are four buttons of different colors- orange, lime, white, and yellow, that play different sounds on pressing. The four different sounds are motor starting, horn-honking, the jeep driving forward, and the jeep driving backward. These effects add more depth and fun to the kids’ pretend-military play. The fighter car toy comes with batteries for your convenience. Remove the plastic piece from the battery area and activate the pre-installed batteries.

Off-road Military Car is an engaging, educational fighter car toy is made with high-quality material, the off-road Fighter Car Toy ensures long-lasting strength and use. This toy car withstands endless hours of play. With lights, sounds, and camouflage color, the friction-powered toy car makes a perfect gift for boys and girls.

Friction Truck Toys- Set of Three Realistic Toy Trucks

Picking a present for the little one? As parents or guardians, we all concur that it is not an easy job to please the children! Apparently, it is the hardest task to locate a reasonable present for little children but Wolvolk has made it easier with its extensive range of engaging toys. While there is a wide scope of toys on the lookout, not all are dependable and solid. While settling on a decision, alongside children’s inclinations and decisions, their safety and wellbeing should be dealt with and Wolvolk’s toys are the choicest toys in terms of child safety. So, you can safely end your quest for the ideal toy gift with Wolvolk’s pack of three Friction Truck Toys.

Set of Three Realistic Toy Trucks

The set of three toy trucks incorporates a cement mixer truck, a road sweeper truck, and a harvester truck. The three trucks make an extraordinary toy collection for young kids. Each of the three friction truck toys has particular highlights. The sweeper truck toy has the turning brushes to clean up like a genuine road sweeper truck. The Cement Mixer Truck includes a cement mixer and blender to handle concrete blending like a genuine concrete blender. Last but not the least, the harvester truck toy has spinning blades connected at the front and it contains free falling (inside the edges) bits of wheat grains for a realistic harvesting experience.

Intended for enduring fun and diversion, the friction truck toys are crafted with safety measures. No batteries or cords are needed to run these trucks and these are fit to be played with anytime, anywhere. The three toddler trucks are brilliant and appealing as well as practical.
However much fun as these trucks may be, they are instructive as well. With these toy trucks, kids build up their physical and mental abilities. Additionally, the children develop their creative mind force and other cognitive and motor skills. Made with non-harmful material, the push and go trucks are protected and reasonable for youngsters of all age groups.

Friction Powered Toddler Truck with Amazing Lights and Sounds

Make your kid’s childhood amazing by gifting him an amazing Garbage Truck Toy by WolVolk that not only entertains their activities but also makes them learn new and interesting things. Your kid cannot resist the attractive and tempting design of the truck, thus engaging him to play with it the whole day. Along with enchanting playful activities, it makes him learn life lessons with enhancement in his motor skills. The green color Toddler Truck offers an effortless and smooth body structure totally complying with the delicate hands of the kid.

Toddler Truck with Amazing Lights and Sounds

The product by WolVolk offers 100% safe and non-toxic build-up material. Made of high-quality plastic material, this toy will definitely add to the list of favorite toys of your kid. This Garbage Toddler Truck offers great durability and anti-choking properties, therefore offering a safe playful environment. With a press button built on one side, your kid can store all his goodies in the storage of the truck and then dump it by pressing the button.

Coming with various other features, the Garbage Toddler Truck serves as a great gift for your loved ones. It incorporates beautiful lights and sound making your kid arrest all his focus on the toy. Also, there is a functional button that lifts the back of the truck giving a realistic experience to your kid. Pushing the truck will give continuous friction to the truck and help in shifting from one location to another, making sounds, flashing lights, and thus, offering a wonderful playing experience. Suitable for both boys and girls the truck keeps them captivated for hours. The truck has rubber wheels that run smoothly on flat floors.

WolVolk tends to deliver 100% satisfaction and guarantee to its customers with a replacement up to 1 year. You can fully trust the brand and make your kids enjoy their childhood to the fullest!

Modish WolVol Toddler Transport Truck with Enhanced Storage

Is your little one brewing up as a car enthusiast? Make him get the all-inclusive truck transport car set with 6 stylish cars and 28 slots for storing all the highway accessories. This long Car Carrier Truck incorporates 6 very amazing racing cars, 28 slots of storage- 14 on each side, and other space for storing construction blocks, construction cones, and construction signs. On either side of the vehicle, there are several slots to store cars and other small accessories, along with a snap-close lid to make sure the contents are secure and safe inside. Easy to play with, the truck has a handle on the top to carry all the cars easily inside it.

Modish WolVol Toddler Transport Truck with Enhanced Storage

The Car Carrier Truck can be an amazing gift for both girls and boys and you can really make your little one feel elated with this truck. It measures ‘20’ L x ‘6’ H x ‘3.5’ W and can easily be carried if you wish to take your kid out in the park for safe and healthy play. The truck not only acts as a toy on its own, but it also delivers and doubles as a handy storage unit for the collection of mini cars for your toddler. It is sure to be a hot gift for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions, furnished with bright red, orange, and yellow flames that pop out against a black backdrop.

The toy has a detachable front cab with a clear view lid that stores and displays all the collections of your kid. With an easy carrying handle, it has added 12 empty slots available for storing your matchbox and hot wheel cars. This Toddler Transport Truck not just enriches the playing experience of your kid but also helps in educational development if they love playing with construction truck games. The toy helps in developing skills like imagination ability, creativity, and thinking process. It will also aid them in learning more about the city traffic and transportation facilities.

Bringing the best truck one can have and make your child feel content with 100% satisfaction from the manufacturer’s side.

Transport Toy Truck Set – Educational Toys For Unlimited Entertainment

Very often, we do not pay attention to the kind of toys we buy for kids. Most people usually tend to select toys that are attractive. Instead of picking kids’ toys randomly, if we become a little conscious of our choice of toys, we can help develop kids’ motor skills and cognitive skills! Yes, toys indeed play an important role in toddlers’ mental as well as physical development. Wolvolk offers a range of toys that are entertaining yet educational. Wolvolk’s transport toy truck is a fun-filled package that helps kids develop their abilities. Four absolutely stunning sports cars of different colors come along with the car carrier truck and the sports cars can be used individually for playing without the cars as they’re functional and movable.


Since it is a friction powered truck, it is easy to operate. The transport toy truck is suitable for kids of age 3 years and above. The pull and go truck improves kids hand-eye coordination. All they need to do is pull back the truck and let it go. The distinguishing features of the car carrier truck include amusing sound effects and alluring lights which are to be operated by the four buttons given on the top. The four buttons play four different sound and light effects. The lights and sound are very realistic and kids enjoy a more realistic experience. That sound and lights aren’t all the toy truck has to offer. There is a rear ramp that slides down the cars, just the way a real transport truck does. The car carrier truck also features a movable front cab.

The hassle-free toy truck does not need any battery or wires to start and therefore, it can be taken anywhere, any time of the day for fun playtime. With sturdy construction, the high-quality Car Carrier Truck is made with non-toxic material, making it safe for kids.

Garbage Truck Toy: For Hours Of Imaginative Play

WolVolk’s Garbage truck toy is the ultimate gift choice for your little one on any occasion. The attractive design of this toddlers’ truck is sure to fascinate your kids. The alluring toy truck for your kid is a friction powered toy which is easy and simple to operate. This stunning green trash toy truck will entertain your kid without your assistance. The smooth and convenient body of this toy truck is perfectly suitable for little hands. The push and go truck is safe for kids of all age groups. The garbage truck toy will also make your kid learn and develop motor skills.

For Hours Of Imaginative Play

The appealing look along with great functions and features will make it your kid’s all-time favorite toy. The garbage truck toy can keep the kids involved for hours in imaginative play. This exciting toddler garbage truck is made of high-quality material and therefore, has great durability. Your kids will be able to adore this sturdy toy truck for years. This toddlers’ truck toy is non-toxic and 100% safe.

The friction toy truck comes with astonishing sounds and lights. The toy truck also features a functional button that lifts the back up. Kids can store all their small toys in the bin of the garbage toy truck and then dump them out by pressing the button on the side. This toy truck has realistic features and kids will be excited to play with it as much excited as they get when they hear and see the real garbage truck in the streets.

Toddlers will indubitably enjoy driving the Toddler Toy Truck toy from one place to another while flashing its lights and playing realistic truck sound. The rubber wheels run smoothly on all kinds of flat surfaces and the lightweight truck is portable. Get your kids the best gift that will keep them enthralled for hours on end.

Set of 6 Cradle Baby Dolls With Different Accessories for Toddlers

Make every day fun, creative, and enjoyable for kids with the little cradle baby dolls! Wolvolk’s set of six mini dolls with six different accessories are a great way to keep the kids entertained and engaged every day. With the baby dolls, kids develop an interest in their routine activities. If your little one resists doing everyday routine activities like eating or bathing, the baby dolls are sure to encourage them. The set of six mini dolls include six accessories- a cradle, swing, high chair, walker, bathtub, and infant seat. The Bathtub Baby Doll and cradle baby dolls are perfect playtime partners for the little ones!

Set of 6 Cradle Baby Dolls

All six different accessories make sure that each doll gets its own lounging item and provide the kids with different choices and a variety in their toy collection. With these baby dolls, your kids are never going to get bored. Also, the baby dolls are lightweight, and therefore, portable. You can carry these cradle baby dolls anywhere and everywhere you go, to ensure that your kids are always having a great time.

These Cradle Baby Dolls are great for all the little ones as they like to pretend to be elders. Along with imagination, the dolls will help your child develop motor skills. Since each mini baby doll is only 5 inches tall, they can be easily cleaned and stored. The realistic features and the baby pink and blue color make the dolls more adorable and graceful to be added to any little girl’s toy collection. For more creativity and fun, the dolls have movable heads, arms, and legs that allow kids to make the dolls wave, turn their head, wiggle the legs while trying to nap, and much more. All the toys (dolls and accessories) are safe for kids since they are all made of non-toxic material and have no sharp edges.

Police Helicopter – Toy with Lights and Sirens: A Must-Have Toy for Kids

Children are more than often fascinated as soon as they see anything flying in the sky and their curious minds are automatically inclined towards such things. Since helicopters are nothing less than miracles for kids, a children’s helicopter toy will make them extremely happy. Wolvolk offers Children Helicopters that are designed for inquisitive kids.

Police Helicopter

Inspired by police helicopters, Wolvolk’s black police helicopter is very similar to the real ones since it is equipped with lights and sounds that make for a thrilling playtime experience. It comes with three different buttons that enable lights and sounds. To play the sounds and lights, batteries are already included in the package and you only need to take off the plastic tab from the compartment.

This children’s helicopter toy has stunning features like a propeller and a rescue basket that can be lowered to stimulate real-like action play. For a real crime-fighting action scene, the children’s helicopter just needs to be dragged backward on the ground and it’s all set to fly!

This toy helicopter is indeed a great gift idea for kids since all the kids like vehicles as toys and especially the appealing helicopters. The black police helicopter is graceful yet powerful. It has another color variant that is camouflage. The kids would love to have this marvelous engineering miracle to play with, in their toy collection. So, if any special occasion is on-board, be ready with this black police helicopter toy for kids.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids. Wolvolk’s toys are made with non-toxic, BPA-free materials that ensure hours of safe playtime. The high-quality Children Helicopter is durable and sturdy and will last for a long time. Wolvolk cares about the environment too! The material used in the manufacturing of these helicopters is recyclable.